Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Republican Vandalism

The best analysis of the town hall demonstrations that I've read:

... these behaviors – the eagerness to shut down civil discussion and the willingness to accept untrue claims about the subject to be discussed – both demonstrate the same set of values. It is not a coincidence and it should not be a surprise that the two tendencies travel together among the same group of people. They are both motivated by a lack of interest in truth and reason. A culture that hates truth and reason enough to shut down civil debate is quite likely to also be a culture that does not care whether their reasons for doing so are true or reasonable.
Sarah Palin and her claim of "Death Panels" pops into my head for some reason.
This is the most recent expression of a growing history of intellectual recklessness and vandalism of the political process that has become such an integral part of Republican Culture.
The Republican base is anti-intellectualism. In a reality based on science, reason, and skepticism, the Republican base is no where to be found. Their reality is driven by the primacy of consciousness, whatever they think is true, therefore, must be true. Facts be damned. Their illusion is maintained by Faux News, Rush Limbaugh, and numerous blogs. Critical thinking is not required and even discouraged. The comparisons to religion are obvious and not coincidental.

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