Friday, May 21, 2010

Ayn Rand and the Tea Party

I find it curious and a bit amusing that Ayn Rand is the darling of the Tea Party movement. She is a famous  atheist and that is not the case with most Tea Party supporters. I am guessing that Tea Party supporters are not in the liberal category of theists. Her primacy of existence view would not be supported, or even understood, by the vast majority of Tea Party members. 


NAL said...
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zilch said...

Ayn Rand presented an intoxicating vision of the power and entitlement of personal liberty based on laissez-faire capitalism, and I suspect that's what the Tea Partiers have glommed onto.

I, too, found Rand pretty heady stuff- when I was sixteen. It took a few more years of living before I realized that the world didn't work that way.